Automate hiper‑personalized purchase experiences for your ecommerce

Connectif enables relevant conversations through all touchpoints at the right time to increase the average ticket, prevent cart abandonment and increase brand loyalty.


Market leaders are already using Connectif to enrich their eCommerce


Effortless automation in five steps


Connectif makes sure there are no data islands in your enterprise so that no customer is left behind.

We provide integrations for the major enterprise platforms, be it ERPs, CRMs, CMS and of course eCommerce. In a few clicks, Marketers can start streaming behavioral data to Connectif’s centralized hub and start having real, meaningful conversation by talking back through any of the integrated platforms.

Custom platform? No problem. Through our rich set of APIs and Wizards, a marketer can easily configure Connectif to receive and send data without the need of an IT team.

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Connectif follows the digital footprint of your clients and creates a meaningful context so that you can have intelligent conversations.

A digital footprint describes your clients, their likes, dislikes and behavioral patterns across all of the touchpoints that you enable for them.

Connectif marketers can access historical data to predict future actions and segment an audience based on its preferences in a fluid, interactive way.

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To every action there is a reaction. With workflows you can confirm that it is meaningful both for your customers and your business.

Connectif’s Workflows create customer journeys that span all communication options. Speak Web, Email, Inline and Push fluently, at the right moment. Connectif makes it easy, you make it unique.

  • Use Pop-ups that react to leave intentions or inline content to change what each user sees on your web depending on the circumstances.
  • Dynamically suggest products according to the likelyhood of conversion.
  • Create massive or drip email marketing campaigns that are contextual and personalized.
  • Reach your audience through Web Push Notifications on any device whether the user is or not on your site.

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Test and measure everything. Then analyze your results like a true marketing scientist.

Have at your disposal all the stats of every content your audience interacts with. Clicks, opens, views, likes, lislikes, forms, all have their control panel where you can measure engagement.

And that’s only the beginning. Raw data of every interaction is gathered by Connectif in meaningful reports that allow you to measure performance of the whole customer journey. See the evolution of your customers throughout their lifetime and create ever improved experiences for well-defined and segmented audiences. Be meaningful in real time and finetune your message to every person.

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Experiment and let the data show if it’s worth continuing this conversation. We will even suggest new strategies for you.

In Connectif each Workflow is an hypothesis that springs into action at the exact moment of relevance. A customer journey is hardly ever sequential, so we make it easy to create different scenarios.

Finetune the same message to different audiences and create the perfect experience for every person that interacts with any of your touchpoints.

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Why choose Connectif

KnowKnow your customer's behaviour

EnrichEnrich your customer's data

CreateCreate cross channel campaigns effortlessly

ManageManage everything in a single hub

AddAdd intelligence to your brand

measureMeasure every aspect of your ROI

  • “Connectif nos ha ayudado a optimizar tanto nuestra base de contactos como los procesos que nos permiten ofrecer una experiencia de compra personalizada y sin aburrir a nuestros clientes.”

    Nacho Rivera - CEO
    Nacho Rivera - CEO Blue Banana

With Connectif Automate hiper-personalized purchase experiences for your ecommerce

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